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Ought To Try Dishes Of Agra

Ought To Try Dishes Of Agra

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As mesmerizing as Taj Mahal is in Agra, the delicacies propounded by city are to be craved for. Regarded as the best street food serving spots in the country by various connoisseurs and withnesses foodies coming from all over the country to fulfill their insatiable appetite. We have listed down few of the best street food you must try while visiting the famous city of Taj.


The most iconic sweet of the city has to be the Petha. Apart from Taj Mahal visit, most tourists come to cherish this local sweet of Agra. Made from the ash gourd vegetable (also known as winter melon or white pumpkin, or simply petha in Hindi and Urdu), ‘petha’ has made quite a following for it self across various regions of India. You can either try the original plane petha or try the new innovative variations of the same like Chocolate petha N’ many more.


In every corner of India, one would find some variation of this famous Mughlai dish. Made out of wheat flour and various stuffing to choose from, Paratha literally means layers of cooked dough.


Definitely different from its close sibiling Kachori, bedai is lighter & crispier with filling of _____ and enjoyed with a thick spicy potato gravy. Whereas, the kachori is stuffed with potato or pulses and can be relish by sweet or sour chutney. Regarded as the go to breakfast meal in the city, one would surely …….

Agra’s Chaat

The varieties  of chaat one could explore in the city of Taj are endless. Offering the best from all over India, Agra’s chaat is taste buds tantalizing. A favorite  amongst the locals and ought to try for the foodies visiting the city.


Another speciality of Agra is the tasty snack made from moth beans or yellow gram and is known as Dalmoth. The Dalmoth in Agra is prepared from whole moth bean added with some strips of sev made of flour.

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